Fresh, delicious, healthy: Fruit from Tobi Seeobst AG

Our vision

Healthy, delicious fruit for everyone

Our mission

We work with our network of producers to deliver healthy, delicious fruit. We are the partner company in Switzerland. For our customers our name is synonymous with quality, reliability and sustainability.

Our values

Each member of our team plays their part in maintaining an atmosphere of mutual support and motivation at the workplace. Our common goals are success, innovation and growth. We work to achieve these goals through mutual support and motivation. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes things do go wrong, but we reflect on our mistakes and use them to learn, improve andgrow as a business. This in turn helps us to become better, more efficient and more profitable.

We have nothing to hide. Our successes we discuss just as openly as the challenges facing our business. In everything we say and everything we do, honesty is our watchword.

Fair and loyal partnerships form the foundation for our way of doing business. For only in partnership with our employees, supplier companies and customers we can find lasting solutions that will deliver long-term success. We foster the development of our employees and supplier companies, guarantee competitive salaries and prices and are always ready to provide support whenever and wherever it is needed.

We take a sustainable, responsible and holistic approach to doing business to ensure that we make a positive contribution to our society. We are profit-oriented and recognise our economic responsibility towards our owners, employees and partner companies.
At the same time, we work in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, to ensure future generations will also be able to enjoy delicious Tobi products. With this in mind, we support important causes in every region in which we operate.